Why I am Mad About Service

My Promise to You

Before I got my real estate license, I had already bought, sold and built several properties. I learned about the importance of service in the real estate industry because I’ve been there, both as a buyer and as a seller.

The first property I bought was a duplex in Huntsville’s Five Points, an up-and-coming area at the time. I ‘d been working for the government for about seven years and I was ready to invest some of my hard-earned dollars. It worked out well. I rented one side and lived in the other, with the rental income paying the whole mortgage.

My real estate service promise

I promise to show up, open the door, and do my job to the best of my ability. [Photo via Visual hunt]

When I was ready to build a new home for myself, I planned to sell the duplex for extra capital. I listed it with an agent who sold it in five days. Five days! I had the cash I needed for my down payment. Plus, I didn’t have the duplex mortgage dragging down my debt-to-income ratio, so I got my home loan with a lot less hassle. A sale in five days is stellar, but think about this – it was in the days before the internet and mega marketing sites like Zillow. That agent hustled and got the job done.

Opening Doors

Most recently, I was helping a friend, new to the area, look for a small commercial retail space. While I knew the areas she should explore, we needed a real estate agent to give us access to the properties. My friend was particularly fond of one small home with mixed-use (commercial/residential zoning) zoning. I had read that developers were going to turn the Stone Middle School (now Campus 805) into a new entertainment zone. The property we’d picked out was poised to benefit from the extra traffic.